We offer income opportunities you can imagine.

The activity of a realtor, like any other, requires certain abilities and personal qualities.

Therefore, if you:

  • able-bodied and sedentary (not afraid of routine);
  • competent in written and oral speech;
  • an advanced user of gadgets;
  • you know how to listen to the client;
  • able to remember and work with information;
  • responsible and stress-resistant;
  • able to constantly learn and develop.

Then feel free to contact us and we will:

  • we will teach you how to earn income;
  • we will provide all the tools necessary for successful sales;
  • we will provide a place in a cozy office with coffee and sweets.

Happiness is when you go to work with joy in the morning and come home with joy in the evening.

Whatever your choice, we wish you to be happy.

+380 (50) 303 84 32

Kharkiv, str. Serpova, 4V